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It is a good thing that you are aware of the importance of your privacy, and to take a look at this page. We also acknowledge the importance of privacy and security. Actually, they are essential for every medical device.

Let us assure you; we collect as little data as possible. Especially if you don't leave it behind yourself.

What we do collect when you visit this website:

  • Anonymous user statistics via Google Analytics.
    With these statistics, we can optimize the CE Tool. For example, we look at which pages are often viewed and how well visitors are guided through our website. We have configured Google Analytics to anonymise IP addresses. As a result, your browsing behaviour cannot be traced back to you. We do store a cookie, so that we know with multiple visits, that you are a returning visitor. You can always delete it. If you don't know how, please send us an email at
  • Your email address, if you leave it. We ask for your email address if you want to use the classification quick scan. With this email address, we will keep you informed of developments surrounding the CE Tool. We may also contact you. Mail us at to unsubscribe.

That's all. Do you have any questions? Please send us a message or read more about us.

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